AndoSan™ experience from a pilot clinical evaluation in top Olympic athletes


Athletes are known to be prone to illnesses such as infection and asthma, which is due to an exercise-related imbalance of the immune response, and injury-related inflammation in the muscular-skeletal system. AndoSan™ has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect both in healthy individuals and in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. Hence, it is suggested that AndoSan™ may be beneficial for athletes during strenuous exercise due to its ability to fight against inflammation, infection and asthma.

A total of 12 athletes training at Club Wolverine tried AndoSan™ for 3 months in the winter of 2011/spring of 2012. A semi-qualitative survey by Aleksander Hetland of the Club Wolverine elite swim team conducted during 2012 and answered by nine of the athletes who took 60ml AndoSan™ per day for 3 months during the year’s toughest training period leading up to the London Olympics, showed the following: 56% found AndoSan™ very useful for athletic endeavors, 78% said it was extremely beneficial in boosting the immune system to keep them healthy, 56% strongly agreed that they were less sick than before and very beneficial in aiding recovery, and 44% agreed that they got healthy more quickly. Additionally, 56% were also very likely to use this new product. Other benefits related to training and improved results are given below.

Further, objective lactate measurements were taken in peripheral blood for evaluating anaerobic endurance. Performance results in 2012 among participants in this study were the following: four of the test subjects qualified for the Olympic Games, yet all reported that taking AndoSan™ helped their training and recovery during those 3 months of intense training. They all swam their best times of the 2011- 2012 season at the Olympics, but few set personal bests as most of the personal records were set when full body suits were allowed and naturally those times were faster. One of the nine athlete swimmers finished 7th in 50-m free-style finals in the London Olympics in July, and won the bronze medal in the  following World Championship.

Aleksander Hetland, Norway, became World Champion in the 50-m breaststroke in the same short-course World Championship in Istanbul in December 2012. Interestingly, in the following long-course World Championship in Barcelona in August 2013, George Bovell won the bronze medal in the 50-m free-style, and Wu Peng (China), who beat Michael Phelps in a Grand Prix meet leading up to London Olympics, won the bronze medal in the 200-m butterfly in the same World Championship.

ImmunoPharma has noted an increasing interest in using AndoSan™ in the area of athletics and sports restitution. Because of this, AndoSan™ was tested against the full WADA list of prohibited substances at the HFL laboratory in UK and determined to be absolutely safe for use in top athletics.