Hiro Tanaka: from top position in Sumitomo Corporation to ImmunoPharma in Japan


Mr. Hiroyuki (Hiro) Tanaka has recently been engaged as new President of ImmunoPharma’s operations in Japan. Mr. Hiro, was born in 1980, is married and has one daughter. He was educated at the prestigious Keio University in Tokyo. Since entering Sumitomo Corporation in 2003, he has built his career in the food sector, including feed materials and grain processing businesses. He has been involved in export sales of vitamin K2, investment and management of branches in Australia, China, and Vietnam and spent several years with Sumitomo Corporation of America. After having developed a personal interest in the health product sector, he decided to take the major step of leaving Sumitomo to work in a smaller company to work on launching new products working more directly with the products. After initial discussions, Mr. Hiro took an interest in AndoSan and decided to accept our request to take up the position as president of ImmunoPharma’s operations in Japan. Although formally starting the job in February, he has already provided valuable work in moving the factory project in Japan forward and has started to look into how to launch AndoSan™ in a wider Asian market using his extensive Asian business experience. Mr. Hiro emphasizes the importance of building and managing a complete value chain scheme in the food business under single company control, in order to ensure stable quantity and quality of supply. We at ImmunoPharma are very proud that Mr. Hiro has chosen to become an important member of our team and has the greatest expectations for future cooperation.