ImmunoPharma aims for the consumer health market


AndoSan™ is a potent immune stimulating substance with potential applications beyond the core applications in treatment of cancer and chronic inflammations (IBD). There is considerable interest in AndoSan™ from people with various ailments and as a general promoter of immune health.

Even though experience has shown that there is strong willingness to pay for the health promoting effects of AndoSan™, the current high price is a considerable inhibitor to wider market penetration. With introduction of new production facilities for substantially larger production volumes, product cost will come down to levels acceptable for the general supplements market, opening up considerable market potentials.

Strategically it is important to create a clear distinction between the medical AndoSan™ product and products targeted at the consumer health segment. ImmunoPharma will therefore develop special versions of AndoSan™ for this market. This will also make it possible to further reduce the cost of goods to better adapt to the market.

Relevant areas within the consumer market include general immune support, in particular for the “healthy aging” segment, as well as large groups who are struggling with asthma and allergies. AndoSan™ has in a pilot test also shown capability to improve recovery after strenuous exercise. We therefore see significant potential in a product aimed at active amateurs as well as professional athletes.

ImmunoPharma’s main focus areas in the health supplement market will be:


ImmunoPharma is planning to develop and offer for sale a general immune health supporting mass market product based on AndoSan™. The merchandising will be targeted at a broad market but focus is expected to be on the steadily growing group of affluent elderly people who are willing and able to invest considerable amounts to maintain an active life style for as long as possible (“healthy aging”).


User experience as well as immunological theory indicates a possible powerful role for AndoSan™ in treatment of allergies. Doctors at Oslo University Hospital have completed the clinical phase of a study on use of AndoSan™ in blood donors with pollen allergy and/or asthma. Positive preliminary indications from the doctors involved in the study suggest a huge market potential for AndoSan™ in the asthma and allergy segment. Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the USA with an annual cost in excess of $18 billion. More than 150 million people are estimated to suffer from allergies and/or asthma in the EU.


Athletes are known to be prone to illnesses such as infection and asthma, which is due to an exercise-related imbalance of the immune response, and injury-related inflammation in the muscular-skeletal system. Hence, AndoSan™ will be beneficial for athletes during strenuous exercise by promoting faster restitution.


AndoSan™ is marketed as an immune supporting substance targeted at customers with various immune-related ailments.