Introduction of the new CEO


ImmunoPharma has for some time searched for a new permanent CEO with the right skills and experience to take ImmunoPharma into the sales phase. It is with pleasure that we now can introduce this person: Enrico Vitali-Rosati. We strongly belive Mr. Vitali-Rosati is the right person for the job and are excited that he has accepted to become part of our growing team. It is with great pleasure that we now give the word to our new CEO:


My name is Enrico Vitali-Rosati. I would like to introduce myself as the new CEO of ImmunoPHarma. My background includes more than 25 years of experience in the nutraceutical industry, both with retail and direct sales.

My Background

My experience in the industry started out as founder and general manager of Medtech Pharma AS which launched several bestselling dietary supplement products in Norway. At the top, the company was ranked amongst the top five in the Norwegian Nutraceutical business with a turnover of 40 million NOK and a surplus of 4.5 million NOK.

Enrico Vitali-Rosati, new CEO of the ImmunoPharma Group

Medtech Pharma was later sold to Bringwell, making me one of five major shareholders as well as export manager in Bringwell AB, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. During my time in the company, Bringwell carried out a number of acquisitions and expanded the business to the USA and Asia, and played a key role in growing the turnover from two million to 300 million SEK.

After Bringwell, I accepted the position as CEO of Scandinavian Clinical Nutrition AB, where I oversaw listing of the company on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Thereafter we used stocks in own company to acquire Medica Clinica Nord with a turnover of more than 60 million SEK which we grew to more than 90 million SEK.

The last five years, I have been affiliated with the direct sales company TG Montgomery, where I have been involved in a very exciting, revolutionary development in direct sales of vitamin K2 and other innovative products.

My story with AndoSan AndoSan is far from unknown to me as I have followed AndoSan with great interest almost from the beginning. The first time I heard about the extract that was later to be rebranded as AndoSan was about 20 years ago when the head of one of our customers told me he was undergoing life-prolonging chemotherapy against terminal cancer. He also told me about this Japanese mushroom extract he had been recommended to use as a complementary treatment. Thanks to AndoSan, this man is still alive and well and enjoying his retirement on the coast of Spain.

The son of another colleague in the industry got blood cancer at the age of 5, his father got hold of AndoSan and gave it to his son as a complementary treatment during chemotherapy. The boy was declared healthy after 2 years of treatment. At the age of 12 years old, cancer recurred and had to go through a new round of chemotherapy. Again, his father again provided AndoSan as a complementary treatment. This boy is today in the mid-’20s and completely healthy.

Another colleague of mine was so troubled with an allergy that he had to escape to his cottage in the mountains every year at the beginning of the pollen season and remain there for 2 – 3 months before he could return to Oslo. He has now been using AndoSan for 5 years and with such a good effect that he can stay in Oslo throughout the pollen season.

A buddy struggling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a condition that typically inflates the stomach, brings a lot of air in the bowel as well as loose stools, has regained his quality of life after discovering AndoSan.

It is because of the experiences of these and other acquaintances over the years that I have developed a growing interest in AndoSan and eventually dreamed of being able to work to promote AndoSan in order that as many people as possible may enjoy the unique health benefits of the classic AndoSan, the new consumer health product with AndoSan combined with the highly intersting class of NAD-boosting components as well as new and exciting products we have in planning.

I am thrilled that I now got this chance and am very excited about the things we will be working on in the near future to develop both the product and the company.