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ImmunoPharma is a research-based company targeting immune stimulating substances

About us

The business idea is to document and promote AndoSan™ as an efficient immune stimulating agent that positively supports people’s health.

ImmunoPharma AS is a research-based company targeting immune stimulating substances incorporated in 2009. The plan is to position AndoSan™ as a standard complementary medical food to medical treatment with various drugs at hospitals. In addition the team is also working to explore the position for AndoSan™ as a “stand alone drug” for treatment of various infectious diseases.

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    Our Company

    Research Based Company

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    Our Focus

    Continuously searching for opportunities

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    Our Product

    Andosan™ has unique benefits on the immune system

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    Our Future

    Proof of concept, time to focus on sales


We will continue to establish new products through science and clinical trials, supported by unique competences and capital.

Our business idea is to document and promote AndoSan™ as an efficient immune stimulating treatment that support people's health. Ultimately, we want AndoSan™ to be included a complementary part of standardized medical treatment regimes.

Our strategy

The primary goal is to gain acceptance for AndoSan™ as part of standardized treatment regimens within the public health service.

Other potentially interesting areas of application includes multi resistant bacterial infections and various allergies. In addition to the medical market, improved production and reduced production costs will open up a considerable potential for a health supporting supplement in the mass-market.

Management team

Hogne Vik, PhD, MBACEO

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Hogne Vik joined ImmunoPharma AS as CEO August 2011. Dr. Vik has a PhD in immunology from University of Bergen and a MBA from BI, Oslo. Vik has more than ten years working experience as a physician and researcher from Haukeland University Hospital, and is author on more than 100 peer-reviewed original scientific papers.
The last 25 years Vik’s major focus has been within product development in the pharmaceutical industry and within the pharmacutical and nutraceutical product area. Dr. Vik has been working in leading positions within Nycomed Amersham, Natural, Norwegian Food Research Institute, Capio Biochemistry, Pronova Biopharma, Aker BioMarine Antarctic and NattoPharma ASA

Mr. Fjøs has a thorough background in communications and marketing, serving as a marketing consultant at Fortress Reklamebyrå from 1998 to1999 and as the Senior Marketing Specialist and Analyst with Tape International AS and Nutricon from 1998-2009. A meteorological officer and data analyst at the Norwegian Aviation Weather Service from 1991 to 1997, Mr. Fjøs received master’s degrees in mathematics and geophysics from the University of Oslo.

Mr. Hiroyuki (Hiro) Tanaka was educated at the prestigious Keio University in Tokyo. Since entering Sumitomo Corporation in 2003, he has built his career in the food sector, including feed materials and grain processing businesses. He has been involved in export sales of vitamin K2, investment and management of branches in Australia, China, and Vietnam and spent several years with Sumitomo Corporation of America.

Board of directors


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Mr. Bohan is one of the founders of ImmunoPharma. He has a two-decade long track-record of founding and establishing prosperous companies in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector.
Mr. Bohan founded NattoPharma ASA in 2004. After a period of absence from the company, he rejoined NattoPharma in 2012 and directed a successful turnover setting the company firmly on a path towards success.
Mr. Bohan’s interest in AndoSan™ goes all the way back to the start in 2002. He founded a small company to make AndoSan™ available as a niche product. In December 2009, he co-founded ImmunoPharma to develop a wider market for the product.

Ms Maresz holds a PhD in Biological Sciences at the Medical Faculty of the Jagiellonian University. Held her practice as Postdoctoral Fellow at the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Blood Research Institute, in Milwaukee, WI, USA. Currently the president and scientific coordinator of International Science and Health Foundation.

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