Updated plan for the IPO


The business case was considerably strengthened by the end of 2019 when the highly profitable TG Montgomery was acquired on favorable terms, putting ImmunoPharma in a healthy revenue and profit position. At the same time, Brexit made it difficult to list any shares at the Stock Exchange in the UK. The plan to list ImmunoPharma at the London Stock Exchange is, as a consequence, put on hold. Feedback from many shareholders is supporting this decision.

The lasts week’s Corona outbreak throughout the world also limits the listing possibilities in the short term but can create even better opportunities on a medium time horizon. Since ImmunoPharma has extensive scientific studies related to Andosan. The unique immunostimulating effects from Andosan makes the product perfect for potential prevent new diseases by strengthening people’s immune system. Therefore, the Board will work to maximize shareholder value by position Andosan in new markets to enhance the investment case.

The Board will follow the development carefully and seek the best opportunities for the company.