Upscaling of the production capacity as planned in Japan


The first stage of the upgrade of the production line is now complete, and the factory is currently capable of producing raw material for 6-10.000 bottles a month. A further upgrade of the original plant to a capacity of 12-20.000 bottles a month is scheduled for completion in 2019, in preparation for launching Immuno Booster in NHL. Japanese authorities have made the introduction of HACCP mandatory for all SME food producers in time for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. The upgrade processes will, therefore, include implementation of mandatory HACCP protocols.

The initial upgrades are expected to cover the initial demands for raw material for the planned launch in the consumer health market as well as a limited production of original AndoSan for research and development. As current expected production needs will be met through the initial upgrades; we will use the respite to focus on finding an optimally cost-effective solution for the next stage of expansion. Further expansions are expected to be at an entirely new facility in the lowlands near Kobe or Nagoya. This facility will act as a second source of supply and ensure both improved logistics and security of supply

We are currently considering several options ranging from building a completely new facility to acquiring existing surplus building mass or even partner with an existing mushroom product producer.

ImmunoPharma is pleased with the efforts so far made in Japan to ensure sufficient production and to lay the foundation for further expansion as needed. The company’s immediate focus will now be to utilize this new production capacity to generate revenue for ImmunoPharma. There is no need for further significant investment in production capacity until ImmunoPharma is cash positive.